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The rise of Connected Risk, reflected in multi-class events such as Harvey and WannaCry, is poised to shake up-regulation in an unprecedented manner.

Regulation is moving away from “old-world regulation” focusing on the when and what of a risk, towards a “new-world regulation”, analysing whether a risk contains the ‘risk drivers’ (natural perils, political violence, trade credit, supply chain and cyber) that will combine to create financial, operational and reputational loss.

Yet, there is a change coming. Transport for London's decision to revoke Uber's London licence is a glimpse of the more muscular approach, that regulators need to adopt in the connected world.

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White Paper
We examine why Connected risk should be a priority of regulators.
At Airmic 2017, Russell hosted a roundtable on how businesses can deal with Connected Risk.



Our new infographic explains GDPR in 3 points and looks at the fallout from Hurricane Harvey.


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