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Manvir Basi & Chris Don

Macron's bittersweet victory and May gets Presidential 

Europe breathed a huge size of relief as Emmanuel Macron won the French Presidency after a landslide victory over Marine Le Pen. Yet, as Politico explains, many who voted for him do not buy into his vision.

Meanwhile, for those who are becoming tired of the UK Prime Minister's mantra of 'Strong and Stable Leadership', get used to it. According to Bloomberg, this is a feature of the UK's first 'Presidential' election.

Risk Managers struggle with new risks & big brother is watching your films

Deloitte's recent survey of risk managers shows a profession concerned about its ability to deal with issues like cyber security and to adapt to newer risks like third-party risks.

With the weekend upon us, many will spend it streaming entertainment. Yet, as The Economist warns, the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime are tracking your viewing habits.

Winemakers are at risk & 1,200 worldwide climate laws

All underwriters, insurers and risk managers beware! Your favourite wine may no longer be available as Science Mag's interactive map shows many wine-making regions at risk from natural perils.

An LSE Graham Research Institute study shows that there are 1,200 laws worldwide designed to tackle climate change, a 20% increase over twenty years. 

Protectionism threatens Asia's growth. Preparing for the next Supply Chain crisis.

The IMF believes that Protectionism poses a great risk to Asia because of the large role the region plays in global supply chains.

The global nature of supply chains means events such as last year's Japanese earthquake can affect a company at multiple levels. Supply Chain Dive have put together a Supply Chain toolkit to help managers prepare for the next crisis.

A Credit Car Crunch and China's colonial ambitions

Looking to buy a car? Well, you are not alone as UK Households are borrowing a record £31.6bn to purchase cars with 90% of them using PCPs (Personal Contract Plans). This boom, The Guardian worries may spark a credit car crunch. 

With China welcoming the leaders of 28 countries for a new Silk Road summit on May 14-15, The New York Times asks whether China is the world's new colonial power?


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