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Manvir Basi & Chris Don

UK Terror level raised to 'critical'

After Monday's Terrorist attacks in Manchester, the U.K. Government has raised the UK terror level to 'critical', writes The Guardian 

DHL Supply Watch launched

On Monday, DHL launched a new risk management platform, DHL Supply Watch. The platform will help flag potential risks in the supply chain at an earlier stage.

CIOs expect budget increases to tackle cyber threats

82% of CIOs believe that will be given more firepower to tackle Cyber threats and 55% have seen their security breached, according to the 2017 CIO 100.

BlueBay bets on a hard Brexit

BlueBay believes the British Pound will be valued lower regardless of the result in the U.K. Election, Bloomberg reports. 

Moody's Cuts Rating China's Debt

With China's debt rating cut for the first time since 1989, should investors be worried about China's growing debt mountain? 


Bank of England Governor Mark Carney tricked by Email Hoax 

Mark Carney was the victim of an email prank in which he poked fun at the drinking habits of former BoE Governors, according to Reuters

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